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New Beginning
Sci-Fi • 2 Authors • 5 min to read
There were no longer borders that divided countries along political lines. There was only one border left, the border between the closed territories of the elites and the territories where the remaining people tried to survive.

Most people lived a quiet life and had long since become accustomed to the new rules of the world. Huddled in communities, they traded their labor for another day of this useless life. Survival has turned into a craft, and as you know, over time, in any craft there are masters and turn it into an art and yesterday Denis was sure that he had no equal in this business.

But it would seem that the panacea found had the opposite effect. Along with the new strength came pride and hatred for the weak creatures that people were until recently. Radical slogans were increasingly heard on both sides, and the balance rested on the shoulders of a group of influential people and humobots who believe in a shared future. Eve knew that and she could not avoid these consequences, and every day this feeling became brighter and clearer. The day when everyone Kumamoto had to make that choice was already close.
After several hours of searching and scanning profiles, she formed a short list of people who best matched her query. Among these people was Denis.

The next few seconds was like something out of an ancient movie where people are dodging bullets. Apparently then it was something amazing... 2 people in the Guild's armour broke through the door and two more flew through the window. It was useless to resist, Denis knew these guys and what they were capable of. “I don't have any problems with the Guild. What do you want from me?”. “Nothing from you yet. We just want to talk to her. one of them replied, nodding at the switchboard that was on.

Calls from shadow numbers never Bode well. The switchboard was activated for the third time, which means that they called him, and not just looking for a performer. The location is not known, the history in the Guild database is empty, and there will be no way back after the response. Denis understood this, and the last work with a client from the shadow network still gave off pain in the body and annoying notifications about debt from the clinic. But why did the hand still reach for the green button on the screen of the switchboard made in the Common World? “I'm listening,” Denis said resignedly...
Classic Story • 6 Authors • 3 min to read
Как-то раз, путешествуя по России я заехал в маленькую деревушку. Казалось, что в этой деревне совсем нет жизни. Я удивился и решил постучаться в первый попавший дом. Дверь мне открыла старушку в очках, кожанном облегающем костюме и с плеткой в руках.

Мы явно были из разных планет, я был весь в розовых рюшах, а мое боа предательски лезло мне в нос. И вместо здрасти у меня получилось какое то "здрапстхи". По ее глазам я увидел что ей это понравилось
Прежде чем просит что-то повторить, удостоверься в том что это уже кем-то начато - многозначительно прошептала она, вкладывая свой кнут в мою широко раскрытую к тому времени книгу.

Я закрыл книгу, захлопнув кнут. Экстровагантная мадам сказала: "Да ты не стесняйся, сынок, проходи. Чаи с дороги.... намаялся".

Отказать такой милой даме я не мог. Без хлыста она была похожа на обычную бабушку, только в кожанном корсете и с красной помадой. Я прошел за ней в дом и увидел что в дальнем углу стоит странный шкаф из щелей которого идет свет. Я загляделся и чуть не налетел на бабушку. Как тебя зовут, милок? - спросила она...
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Aroma Diagnostics Specialist
In the recent past, an engineer in the oil and gas sector, in the present, an aroma diagnostics specialist, an essential oil consultant. In my free time, I like to read fiction and something about self-development.
Private School Administrator
Finally, a platform in which I can create my own stories and stories with others. Being an expat, I enjoy the opportunity to connect with people around the globe, and write both in Russian and English. My favorite genres are women’s fiction, historical fiction, and mystery. Let’s tell!
Artist, Writer
Taught painting, drawing and cultural studies in Russian universities. Nowadays, I paint pictures and books. I live in Moscow, but I grew up in Berlin, so I really love European culture. I am fond of equestrian sports, ballroom dancing and classical literature.
Legal Counsel
Dreamer, Visionary, Sophist, Music lover, Unrestrained creative person and troll. Standing for open world and new world order model. I've always had an interest in writing, but I never had enough time to write a full story. I'm glad that finally I have found a solution.
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